beautiful xhosa words for Dummies

slaat – motion like strike. For instance: Really don't choon me what what an' all, I slaat you one time laanie.

Sifiso is a significant and sturdy title to get a boy who is destined to realize fantastic points in life and is also just some wishes absent. This name signifies ‘would like.’

Lekker bro". Compared with it's English counterpart "great", use in the word "lekker" is actually promoted rather than frowned upon Inspite of being very frequently employed. It is actually speculated that "lekker" will never turn into Clichéd.

trek – to maneuver or pull. (The word is now Global While using the indicating of "building a revolutionary journey"; the slang utilization far more carefully resembles the common Afrikaans that means.)

The expression is based on The point that the kid goes blue from the experience whilst screaming, and that it's just as if a murder continues to be dedicated. Such as: Die klein laaitie het blou moord geskree toe hy op Kersvader se skoot sit. (This small tyke was screaming blue murder when he experienced to take a seat on Santa's lap.)

veë jou gat aan dit af - lit. "wiping your arse on it". Refers to blatant ignorance towards anyone or item, irrespective of the implications. Closest English equal is: "You don't give a shit."

gril - (pronounced Together with the g-sound behind the throat) it refers to anyone getting an adverse sensory response to a thing that is considered disgusting, creepy or freaky in almost any way.

van die os op die wa af - lit. "through the ox on to the wagon and off". Similar to "speaking of which" and "even though we are on the topic"

If you'd like a mother nature influenced Zulu title to your son, go with Gatsha. It’s derived with the Zulu term igatsha and indicates ‘department.’

min – to be pretty interested or excited in one thing, or for some thing. By way of example, "so min for that jol" or "when you're min you win"

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Here’s Yet another Zulu identify, meaning ‘joy or Pleasure’. This humble identify is back to its former glory, but is simply at levels of mild moderation. There’s even now a good distance to go for this title.

skwaanz – to snitch and sue; a bru dat overreacts to situations website or actions they them selves engage in, like, they choke out individuals during the choking match and thinks dat is fun, but when another person chokes THEM out, they snitch and sue. Also, "squanz"; "Yo, dat bru is skwaanz! We don't cling wit daardie fok."

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